Winter Hill Jewelry

Unique 3D printed earrings. Winter Hill Jewelry makes fun, lightweight, and affordable jewelry 3D printed in an eco-friendly plastic.



The Project

Vanessa was looking for someone to put the shopping product tags on her Instagram for her amazing 3D printed earrings. Vanessa sent me a list of her products with pricing, and I was able to setup Facebook and Instagram to allow the product tags, and also loaded the products with pricing and description.

A short time later Vanessa reached out with a project to update her items on Squarespace. She provided me instructions via email, and the images I needed and I was off! I love getting into the back-end of a website and making updates for a business owner. Since I was able to make the updates, it definitely gave Vanessa some time to focus on more important things in her business!

Behind the Scenes

I connected with Vanessa in a Facebook group and I was so excited when I saw her post. I love trying new things, researching, and implementing. I had never done something like this before, but we worked really well together emailing back and forth. I know how scary it is to hand over social media log-ins and passwords and I am so thankful that Vanessa trusted me enough to grant me access. It was so fulfilling seeing those little shopping tags show up in her Instagram feed! She also sent me a few pairs of earrings at the end of the project, which I LOVE!

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