The Swaddle Pro

The Swaddle Pro helps newborn photographers successfully swaddle their newborns for a quiet, efficient session. This swaddle cuts sessions in half by keeping the newborn asleep from mom to props.




The Project

Michelle was about to launch The Swaddle Pro and needed to brainstorm and implement an email drip campaign to the launch. We brainstormed together to get a general idea of how the emails would progress from announcing, to the special promotion, to the final email. I made some rough draft copies in Google Docs, and after her approval I was able to create them in Active Campaign.

Behind the Scenes

It was so great to work with Michelle again on this project, especially because I know her passion for the Swaddle Pro. I had never worked in Active Campaign before, but I knew I could figure it out. Systems are something that I can self-sufficiently learn and master! It was so fun to design the layout, make sure the buttons and the branding matched her other emails, and write the copy in the tone of voice that Michelle has in all of her emails.

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