Mornings in Paris

Mornings in Paris is a local coffee shop located in Kennebunk, Maine. They are a European-inspired french cafe serving delicious baked goods, roast their coffee on site, and have the most ideal location in the Kennebunkport area.




The Project

Paul & Katelyn inherited the website upon their ownership with Mornings in Paris Cafe a few years ago, and were looking to revamp it. Their goal was to include menus, information about their roasting process, and improve their SEO. The project has expanded to include an opt-in on their website to start emailing their customers about special promotions and events, and adding a blog to also improve on their SEO.

Behind the Scenes

My nephew and Katelyn's son are best little buddies. My sister mentioned something casually about the cafe needing a new website. I did some research, saw they were using GoDaddy and made a mock-up of how I would create their website. I asked my sister to send it along to Katelyn, and after that our relationship formed! It has been the most amazing learning experience and I am so thankful for Katelyn and Paul. I look forward greatly to our monthly meetings at the cafe, which usually results in the gears turning rapidly in my head with everything we could do in the future. They also have the best pumpkin latte I have ever had!

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