Bear Candle Co.

Bear Candle Co. is a Maine-based candle company that creates hand poured candles. The candles are created with the finest quality oils, and have a wooden wick that crackles when lit. They have scents of Blueberry Cobbler to Apple Harvest to Lavender. 




The Project

Julia has a very successful candle company, but was so busy fulfilling orders it was hard to keep up with social media. After receiving some of her most favorite scents, I photographed the candles and created the captions and hashtags. We shared the schedule through Google Docs, and after her approval I posted to Instagram and Facebook on a schedule of two months, posting every other day.

Behind the Scenes

Julia and I actually went to high school together! I was really looking forward to this project because she was my very first social media management account. I know it takes a lot to trust someone with access to accounts, and I was so grateful for the opportunity. It also gave me the opportunity to research the different social media scheduling tools as well. I love researching new systems and methods! My house smells amazing with the candles she sent me as well.

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