Hey! I'm Stacey!


After 10 years of being the go-to girl for a hotel company, I decided to branch out on my own and focus on what I am truly passionate about. The ability to just 'figure it out' for someone, and help relieve the stress of that project that has been on their to do list is the most satisfying feeling for me. Keep reading to hear more about all the background behind why I'm here for you!


Administrative Pro, Tech-Driven, Project Management

I'm pretty sure everyone that I have ever worked with would say 'If it can be done, Stacey can do it'. I have the most vast and random knowledge of things, and I think it is because I am just really great at being self sufficient, and researching anything that I don't know in order to become the expert. In my 10+ years in the hospitality industry I have done everything from administrative tasks to installing new software , to creating training documentation to reviewing email campaigns. I have taught myself countless new technology, developed new processes to make departments run smoother, and created systems to enhance efficiency. After gaining so much knowledge in so many different areas, it was time to focus on what I am truly passionate about. I love the creative space, I love learning new technology, and I love that I can share my excitement with other small business owners.


What makes Stacey, Stacey?

I'm a state of Maine girl, loving every season (yes even the cold snowy winters). I love a great cup of coffee, and may consider myself a 'coffee snob' in the nicest way. I live on mac and cheese and cereal,  and I'm a girl that drives a Ford F-150 pick-up truck (and LOVE it!). If you watch The Office or Seinfeld, we will have a great relationship.  Although I like my certain TV shows, you will rarely see me sitting down relaxing. I am ALWAYS doing something. I love a good deal,  and will never pay full price for anything (and definitely will not pay for shipping!). I am also an independent Younique presenter, which is an amazing outlet for creativity for me. The network marketing world has exposed me to some amazing Facebook groups, self-development training, and podcasts. I have listened to every podcast of Goal Diggers (with Jenna Kutcher) and Online Marketing Made Easy (with Amy Porterfield), and feel inspired while listening to The Dean Graziosi Show. I'm always open for suggestions :)


Not into it

Hopefully I don't lose you here in this section. I am the last person you want to take to an amusement park (my favorite ride is the antique cars if that says anything). The thought of eating an olive or a pea makes me cringe. I have the most annoying allergies, and I think I am immune to all allergy medicine at this point. I can't stand walking around the house without slippers on. If I could just eat breakfast all day every day I would be happy. Cooking food and planning meals is one of my least favorite things. I have read a few books in my day but not a huge fan of reading (see above: "rarely see me sitting down relaxing").  

Coffee & Flow Virtual Assistance

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